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Karen Derian

     I have a passion and respect for the old way of doing things.  Due to the lack of an available doctor or store, people had to get creative and use what was around them to meet their day-to-day needs.  I love researching the medicinal use of plants and old recipes for making things for general use around the house.  After many years of practicing this way of life, our products are now so integrated in our home that I buy very little commercial product.

     At the end of 2019, I really wanted to reformulate my main soap recipe to bring it closer to what the people made years ago.  Now, I was very happy with the quality I had in the present bars, but upon reflection, what pioneer in the USA had palm oil to make soap?  Most soap back then was primarily lard or beef tallow.  It was my goal to create a harder bar that would last even longer and have at least 50% animal fat, which not only would be in keeping with my goals for Simply Creative Living, but is also better for the skin than vegetable oils.  The rest of the ingredients would help the bar to perform as expected: coconut oil for cleansing and bubbles, castor oil for more bubbles, and olive oil to create a smoothness and gentleness.

Cucumber Melon Soap

     It is also my increasing goal to source more ingredients locally.  I already use harvested deer tallow, lye straight from the factory in Michigan and wool & honey from Michigan farms. Since the lard and the new addition of beef tallow is sourced locally in the United States, I am able to cut costs greatly and would like to pass the savings onto you.  I know this is very unusual for a business, but in the best interest of  you, the customer, it is the most logical thing to do.  As a result, I am rolling back my prices to a few years back to $5 for most bars.  Some will have to stay a bit higher as they use more exotic ingredients, but for the most part, the soap prices have dropped.

     So enjoy your harder, more longer-lasting bar of soap in the same wonderful fragrances at a cheaper price!  Your skin will thank you.

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