SCL’s New Focus in 2020 (Pun Intended)

Karen Derian

     When I started Simply Creative Living, I wanted to focus on old, heirloom recipes.  I love history and wanted to be sure to have some old recipes that were quite popular before all this factory mass production started.  Because of this, I will always carry authentic Castile, Lard Laundry Bar, plus some heirloom-based soaps such as Pine Tar and Sulfur.  My main soaps, however, were very similar to what other soapers offered as far as ingredients.
   This coming year, however, I am doing a restart and am reworking my main soap recipe to more reflect soaps Grandma made.  Back then, they worked with what they had, so I am reformulating my soaps to have 50% animal fat, namely, lard and beef tallow.  Bars with these ingredients are nice and hard, yet very soothing to the skin.  They will still have other great ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, clays, exfoliants and such to make them more modern and excellent, but now the recipe will more match my brand objective. As a side benefit, I will be greatly reducing my use of Palm Oil, reserving it for such ethnically focused soaps like the African Black soap.  This also reflects my goal of being more environmentally responsible.

     Finally, I am no longer using Tetrasodium EDTA as a chelator. Chelators are needed to reduce soap scum on the tub and buildup on the skin.  I now have a much more natural ingredient with a very long name that does essentially the same thing: Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate. I am beyond thrilled that technology and science is making advances in this area!

     All in all, you can expect an even better bar of soap that brings a bit of the past into the future. 

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