The Beginning

     I have always been a bit of a do-it-yourselfer; always figuring things out, always looking at things and thinking "I can make that."  What basically birthed this business is lotion.

     I would put store bought lotion on my feet each night.  When I read that you could rub certain oils on the bottom of your feet to keep away colds because the ingredients were readily absorbed into the bottom of your feet, I thought, well, if this could be absorbed easily, then what about the ingredients of this lotion?

     I have sensitive skin (dermographism) and so am limited in what I can use.  I pulled a basic recipe for lotion off the web, made it, and was immediately hooked.  I changed it up and perfected it (because almost no recipe off the web is perfect, right?) and used it for a couple of years before making the next step: soap.

     I have always thought I was allergic to perfume as I couldn't even use Ivory soap; just Neutrogina.  I had started buying handmade soap from a friend and was excited because I could use any bar I liked.  I then found out that store soap has the glycerin taken out as part of the process and sold separately.  Homemade soap leaves the glycerin in.  All this time, my skin needed the glycerin so as to leave a protective layer on the dermis and not completely dry it out.  I knew I could make my own soap, but was a bit leery because of having to work with lye.  With anything you make, though, you have to respect the tools so you don't hurt yourself.  I eventually got up the courage and made my first bar of soap.

     Since that time, my lotions and soap have undergone changes and improvements to what you see today.  Some items I am totally happy and content with, others I am constantly thinking how I can make better.  All of them I use myself and share with you.  It is my hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

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