Vintage Mason Jar Candle with Wood Tag
Burned Wood Tags
Primitive Country Candles in Vintage Mason Jars with Wood Tag
Vintage Blue Mason Zinc Lid

Primitive Country Candles in Vintage Mason Jars with Wood Tag

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These candles are hand-crafted to order and poured into authentic vintage canning jars. Each bail wire jar has a paper liner to enhance the country look and keep the lid on tight (if I do not have a liner available).  The blue jars feature vintage zinc lids, and the clear standard jars come in random styles and have a standard lid with ring.  All candles in the vintage jars come with a wood tag customized with a word or name of your choice burned in the wood and attached with jute string. This candle is a wonderful blend of soy, local bee, and paraffin waxes, with a zinc-cored wick. It is crafted to provide a pleasant burning experience and the perfect amount of fragrance to fill a room or the floor of a small house. Each jar is pint sized or a little larger with (12oz. Net. Wt./340g) uncolored wax unless otherwise indicated. Made to order.

Please choose from the following scents and note in the 'comments' section of your order form.  Custom requests are accepted. Contact me to see if I have a particular scent.  Candles may or may not have color to reflect the scent.

Scents Available:
Apple Orchard
Blueberry Muffin
Birchwood & Oud
Cinnamon Spice
Coconut & Lemongrass
Great Lakes
Honey Almond
Hot Cocoa
Michigan Wonderland
Cherry Cordial
Vanilla Hazelnut
Spring Lilac

Strawberry Preserves

Pumpkin Patch
Frankincense & Myrrh

For the wood disc, please pick from the options, or one of your own. Please note if you wish the custom option, I have very limited space to work with, but will try to accommodate you to the best of my ability.

And here's the disclaimer: Jars and wood adornments are all unique. Yours might look a little different from the photo, but will have the proper weight of candle. Zinc lids are all unique. If they appear new, please be assured they are not. I found them at an estate sale mint in the original box. Jars may have minor chipping around rim opening, but I have run my finger on them and they are a small, smooth chip, not jagged. Wide mouth jars will have new lids. Paper is used with bail jars only to keep lids from rattling and to secure scent.