Virtual Egg Hunt

   Before I made soap, I used to draw graphics for businesses and individuals' websites.  This Easter, since our family can't have an egg hunt with the grandchildren, I decided to create this virtual egg hunt and invite you to join in the fun!

    When my children were growing up, I would always hide eggs for them to find on Easter morning.  For an extra treat, I would also hide a 'money egg' which was a plastic egg with cash in it. Starting April 6th, and lasting until April 13th, I will have available 3 versions in ascending difficulties for your enjoyment.  In keeping with our family tradition, I have provided a money egg as one of the eggs to find.  If your children are participating in the 'hunt' you may use this for simply an 'attaboy' or an extra bonus of your choosing.


Directions: Find 12 eggs plus 1 'Bonus Egg' in one or all of the following graphics.  Easy-Peasy is designed for young children, Medium for older children, and Crazy-hard for teens and adults.  Have fun!