Wholesale Accounts

      Thank you for your interest in carrying my products!  It is with great pride and excitement that I introduce you to my company, Simply Creative Living. The company was formed in order to sell my unique line of handcrafted soap and skin care products based on heirloom recipes.  The reason I started this company is because I felt there are just too many chemicals in everyday bath and body products.  I myself suffer from dermographism and was limited to using just unscented glycerine soap (aka Neutrogena).  I craved variety and I saw a need for a line of exciting and fun bath & body products made as naturally as possible, with roots in old-time recipes.

     Simply Creative Living products are handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients that are responsibly and locally sourced as much as possible.  All of our products are made with the utmost care and detail, which naturally minded customers demand.  

      I do offer most of my most popular products for wholesale; the most notable exceptions being the Gift Sets and Special Buys.  For a current stock listing plus photos, please see the individual pages of product as they give detailed information on each item.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.   A minimum order of $125 is needed to incur wholesale prices for first order, $75 minimum order after that.  If you think you would like to start a wholesale relationship and are in Michigan, I will need your STATE TAX I.D before you order.  This is for my records and allows me to avoid charging you the 6% state sales tax.  If you do not have a tax ID, or do not wish to share the number, I can still give you the wholesale prices, but will have to charge sales tax  

     After I receive and acknowledge receipt of your State Tax ID (if applicable), you are ready to order.  Email me with what you would like, including scents and quantity and I will give you a quote at a discount of 40% off the listed price.  After I receive your payment via either Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp, I will give you an estimate as to when I am able to ship.

     Buyer does pay for all shipping charges. I am sorry, but the free shipping special (on orders over $50) does not apply in this circumstance. If you are in Michigan, shipping usually runs about $12; give or take. Otherwise, I ship with USPS flat rate boxes.
     I do my best to ensure product is packed well, but accidents do happen.  Email me immediately if any arrive damaged.

After receiving your product, here are some helpful tips to protect your investment:
1.  When displaying in the store, please keep out of direct sunlight and heat (such as heater vents).
2.  If possible, protect from humidity and other moisture.

Thank you for considering Simply Creative Living for your bath & body needs.

Don't know which soap to choose? Email Me and let me know which samples you would like.  You will receive a small sliver large enough to enjoy the scent and texture.  I do not need your Tax ID for you to request a sample; just the name and location of your store.  Samples are free, but a payment request will be sent to you for the shipping.

Email:  simplycreativelivingATgmail.com  ('AT' is applied to avoid spam.  Please change to '@' when emailing)

Store Soap Packaging
Store Soap Packaging