One Pound Soap Bar Grab Bag

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Simply Creative Living Soap

Like bargains? Like handmade soap? Here is your chance for both. In the process of doing shows (or just life in general) things happen. An immanent storm at a show causes a rushed pack-up and things fall or get dented. Holiday and seasonal items don't sell as planned. Fragrances don't come out as strong as they should or fade with age. These are all the ingredients for a bargain in your favor.

Your pound of soap (453g) can be made up of any or all of these types of soaps in full or sample sizes.  All the soaps will be high-quality and great for the skin. They just can't be sold at full price because of some flaw or another. Each soap will have an ingredient list so you can know what is inside. The original price of the soap in the bag will vary, but each bag could be worth at least $20 retail.

So enjoy a sampling of fine soap at a bargain price. My misfortune is your fortune.


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