Sweet Grass Room Oil - Handmade

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Sweetgrass Room Oil

Mmmmm... Fill up your room with the light woodsy-vanilla scent of Sweet Grass!

I grow and harvest the Sweet Grass myself and then infuse it in olive oil for six months in order to bring out the full scent of the herb.  You will receive a 2 oz. brown glass bottle designed to keep the oil fresh for as long as possible. Just add a teaspoon to your favorite burner or warmer along with some water (so the oil will not burn) and enjoy the light fragrance that will welcome guests, create a cozy atmosphere, and chase away winter blahs.  For maximum shelf life, store in a cool, dry place.

Note: this is a light scent that will be more of a background note in your home, not an overpowering scent that will compete with food or other home scents. Not recommended for diffusers as the oil is rather heavy and may clog the diffuser.


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