About Me

    Simply Creative Living was founded on the basic principal that we can go back to the basics of what really matters. Not so many years ago, people made everything for themselves. As life got busier, people did not have the time for such things, so the assembly and production lines stepped in. The quality of ingredients in our beauty products was compromised for cheaper alternatives. Some years ago I became increasingly concerned about all these toxins in my own life and decided to do what I could to reduce what was being absorbed into my body. I started experimenting with home-made, more natural beauty items. While talking with friends, I found I was not alone in my concerns, so I started to share my products with them, and now I share them with you. Living ‘Simply’ is living with more natural ingredients in your life. Our bodies were not designed to absorb all these chemicals and my beauty line seeks to bring us back to the basics. Living ‘Creative’ means not accepting what is easily accessible, but rather seeking out those products, that lifestyle that benefits us in the long run. Finally, ‘Living’ means enjoying the world and people around you. Slowing down to enjoy what has been placed before you by a loving Creator. Living a Simply, Creative, Life.
I am Mom to 6, Mamaw to 5, and wife of over 30 years. I and my husband are Navy veterans and I am daughter to a Navy Retired. My passions are not only finding old treasures at flea markets, estate sales and the like, but I also love researching and finding out the history of the items I find. When I am not doing this, I love crafting,