Soap Up Rewards Program

Welcome to Soap Up!

You can earn Soap Chip points for:
  • Signing up (100 points)
  • Birthdays (100 points)
  • Your purchases online (2 points per dollar spent)
  • Your purchases by credit card at shows (2 points per dollar spent)
  • Referrals (100 points per referral) and the person you refer to gets 20% off their order)

    All you do is Click Here to start an account with Simply Creative Living and you will be automatically in the program.  If you already have an account, log in to activate the Soap Chips.  If, when you log in, you find Chips already in your account (other than the 100 Soap Chip bonus), it is because past purchases have be credited to you.

    Reward levels:

    • 600 Soap Chips: $6 off
    • 1100 Soap Chips: $12 off
    • 1600 Soap Chips: $18 off

    You purchase handmade soap anyways, so why not earn points for buying what you love?

    If you have any questions, or have trouble signing up, let me know.