What base do you use in your soaps?
The word 'base' usually refers to a pre-made base that some soapers purchase, melt, add botanicals and scents, and then pour into a mold.  All of my soaps are made from scratch using my own formulations, and therefore no base is used.  If you have a question about ingredients, every item sold does have them listed so you know exactly what is in the product.

Why is there sometimes fragrance oils used in essential oil soaps?
All my essential oil soaps have at lease over 50% essential oils.  Sometimes, in order to complete a blend, I need a certain scent that does not come in an essential oil (vanilla) or is so rare, or the harvesting of the essential oil has been so abused, that it is not cost effective (sandalwood, neuroli). In other cases, such as citrus (grapefruit), the scent is very fleeting, so I use the same scent in a fragrance as a booster.

Do you refund shipping overages?
I refund shipping overages if they are over $2.

My tracking says it is delivered, but I didn't get it yet.
Give it a few days as sometimes it is delayed. Meanwhile, check around your property to see if it was delivered in an odd place. Check with neighbors and your local post office. Check with family to see if someone brought in the package and forgot to tell you. If none of these result in your package being found, let me know and I will see what I can do on my end. If all comes up negative, you may be the victim of theft and will have to file a report with the Post Office. Items that show in tracking that they were delivered will not be refunded.

How soon do you ship?
I ship within 1 - 4 business days, depending on what is ordered and if I have to make it from scratch or is it is in stock.