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Soap Saver Mesh Mat

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Soap Saver
Soap Saver Mesh Mat
Soap Saver Mesh Mat

   As handcrafted soaps do not have the chemicals in them to harden them as commercial soaps do, they can get gummy and disintegrate quickly if left in a water-filled dish or shelf.  This Soap Saver is an excellent investment as it will help them to last as long as possible.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Mesh to allow for airflow and soap completely dries
  • Ideal for a soap dish or shower built-in that retains water
  • Measures about 4.5"L x 2.75"W

Place on shower shelf, in soap dish, or on sink countertop. For weekly cleaning of built-up soap, rinse and squeeze under running water or use as exfoliant.  With proper care, your soap saver should last a long time. It can be trimmed to fit any home or travel soap dish.

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