Clay Beads Desktop Essential Oil Diffuser

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Clay Beads Desktop Essential Oil Diffuser

  Add some aromatherapy to your workspace!  Each bead is handmade and comes in a tin for ease of use.  Perfect for areas were you can't have a lot of scent.

  • Comes in a tin about 3" wide
  • 4 white and 5 terracotta clay beads included
  • Beads will darken with use.
  • Essential oils not included

 To use: Add drops of your favorite essential oil (not included) to the clay and place close to you in your workspace. Anytime you need to clear your mind and refresh, just inhale.  Replace lid when done to preserve scent.  Scent can stay in the clay up to a week before you have to refresh.  As the clay does retain the scent, it is recommended that you use only one scent or it will blend.  If you wish to change scents, expose the beads to the air until the scent is gone or almost gone, then refresh with a new scent.

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